Canadian Contests and Freebies

Someone has to win - why can't it be you?                   A website on HOW to contest online for Canadians.


Recommended Sites & Things

A teacher at my kids' school told me about this site..... she matches the flyers to coupons and price matching to make it easy for you.  Save lots of time.

Mrs January's website

Great Sites & Services

You know how you have those tried and true websites?  Everyone does!  I thought I'd list mine as I think that it's good to see what's out there.  Google doesn't always find every website out here is my list of favourite websites!

  •  Free, easy to make/build websites
  • GoDaddy!  Cheap, great service domain names
  • Vistaprint  Very cheap AND professional biz cards usually about $10 for 250
  • Lovable Labels Personalized, waterproof, kid proof labels, tags for school, camps, work, pantry, allergies, home, etc
  • Card Swap  Buy and sell gift cards

So over the years of living in Ontario I have come across some amazing things, people and services... so here is a list just in case you were looking for things that might be more local rather than Canada-wide that everyone can access.....

London, Ontario Stuff

Niagara, Ontario

'NSTEP - Nutrition Students, Teachers, Exercising with Parents

'NSTEP is a not-for-profit registered charity, providing hands-on nutrition and physical activity programs directly into the classroom in Alberta and British Columbia. Their goal is to prevent obesity in children and youth. The ‘NSTEP EAT WALK LIVE program provides fun, interactive nutrition and activity education to every student and teacher within a school community. The entire school shares a common message and collectively works together to create a cultural change leading to a healthier school environment. Parent education is also provided. This program is out West in Canada and is currently starting the process of expanding throughout Ontario and hopefully across the whole country.  Email the founder for more info.

'NSTEP Website

My friend Dallas and I met when we both moved to a new subdivision/street in London, Ontario.  She just knocked on my door with her baby and I invited her in.  It was the beginning of a great friendship.  She is a huge foodie and loves everything about markets and farms - the natural way of living and eating. So she started a blog and away it went.  She was featured in the London Free Press recently.  But the bad news is, she is moving to Halifax in June - boo hoo!  I guess I will have to learn how to Skype! HELP!  She has amazing recipes (and in fact the first one on her blog was a recipe that came from me!) and alternatives to many pre-packaged foods..... check it out!

Southwestern Ontario Foodie Website

Eating Real, Being Real in Nova Scotia