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Blog Contests - My problem with them...

Posted by Sandra Venneri on July 26, 2012 at 10:25 PM Comments comments (0)

Ok..... my first experience with a blog contest was fantastic - I hardly entered many until I won that Nikon 1 camera on Christmas Eve (Merry Christmas to me!). A $700 camera was enough to trigger my interest and start entering more of these. Well then I entered blog contest world and everything about how exciting online contests has been for the past 9 years had a blow. There are a few major problems with the blog contests out there...

  • Everyone is using Rafflecopter and the program itself is easy to use. It actually can post how many entries there are (which can be discouraging if you know 10,000 entries are in there already!), and here's the catcher - you get one main entry and have to do all these things to get additional entries such as "Liking" on Facebook, Tweeting, etc.... and since I refuse to be on Facebook personally and I really don't want to give my other accounts like that to the contest blogger or their sponsor (more on that) I only get one entry most times.
  • Most blogs require you to sign up for their newsletters - I have one coming to me that is EVERY day and it's a "mom" blog -- like how many kids can you have if you have time to write every day?
  • Sponsors - gone are the days of personal, stand by your word recommendations. Many blogs can now apply to major companies to have their products (usually new on the market) sent to the for a "review". I have never done this but really - do you think a major company is not going to have in the fine print - must say positive things only? I hate when a contest is linked to a recommendation - it makes me think that mom is not as credible any more..... unless I can see all their product reviews and see they do have negative opinions on free products they were given.

So my rant is over - three main reasons I usually avoid blog contests (unless very local and very limited number of entries).

Summer holidays have begun....

Posted by Sandra Venneri on July 4, 2012 at 1:15 PM Comments comments (0)

...and that means that the kids are home for the summer!  Hopefully there is less driving and more time to concentrate on my new job - I am the London, Ontario coordinator for 'NSTEP (  I will be teaching nutrition and physical education to elementary students part time as part of the charity program that has been a hit out in Western Canada. 

But I am also on the search for contests and coupons and freebies..... and I will try to post more links.... but that's not the real reason for my site - it's just to help people get started and give them support when they win (possibly) a contest.  No - I'm no professional, but I do have about 9 years experience with Canadian contests of all sorts.... and yes I am always winning something...... so just keep going.... sometimes in one month you will win nothing and then 3 months later you get 2 or 3 prizes days apart.  Just think.... it's only a time investment.... if you are already at home drinking coffee and reading the paper - just jump on your laptop, iPad or tablet and enter away....

Contesting is a way for me to do something fun while relaxing and in the end I usually win something.... my camera from Christmas Eve is awesome and helped me create youtube videos and take wonderful photos so I could present at the Bio K+ Community Event Award.... I had to make a 30 minute presentation on the snack program at my kids' school that I volunteer for.  There were two other finalists and NO I did not win the $10,000.  But I did win $1000 for the snack program for my efforts and they are professionally editing a video for promo yes second prizes rock too! Think about it - my FREE $700 camera made me $1000 for my volunteer program!  Wow - that's like $1700 in just two contests!!!

And don't forget - if you don't like a prize (other than trips) you can sell it on  My tip is, sell for retail minus the taxes and you will sell it fast.  Remember to NOT open packaging or else the value is decreased greatly.  I know it's tempting, but unless there are separate gifts (like a gift basket) don't do it if you plan on selling it.

Good luck!  And if you ever have any tips, comments or good links - pass them along to me.....


How did I get started in contesting you ask - I will tell you.

Posted by Sandra Venneri on May 8, 2012 at 7:50 PM Comments comments (0)

I actually started contesting as a fluke.  My husband and I were struggling at times with his one income, me at home with a new baby (and no mat leave - I just finished university!), and him going through school while working full time!!!  It was by necessity that I started.  We had no money so I thought one day when I entered one contest - maybe if I enter this every day my chances would be better than someone else and I can actually win it!

So I started paying attention to rules - can you enter daily, per household, or whatever..... and then I started just googling ``contests in canada``......

Eventually I read a fabulous Canadian book and got even more tips......

So now I share with you my most efficient way of entering contests for the average person.  You can be a working parent, a retiree, or a person needing a hobby on lunch hour at an office...... it doesn`t matter -- it`s the fun of never knowing when you open your email or door what new prize or product can be waiting for you!

My deal today was finding the promo code FREETREAT at (posted in my freebie section)..... I haven`t tried it out - so let me know if it works for you!

Well, lots to do.... gotta run..... look forward to hearing from ya!