Canadian Contests and Freebies

Someone has to win - why can't it be you?                   A website on HOW to contest online for Canadians.


So YOU want to win???  This website can help you!

I am a stay at home mom that has won over $90,000 (Canadian) in the last 5 years!!!  I don't hide what I do.  In fact, I encourage anyone that is on the internet and has a few minutes a day to enter contests.  This website will show you how to enter, organize and find new contests.  I will even list contests that I find.  And if you find a contest before I do, email me and I'll put it up here.

I believe in karma and what goes around comes around.  So I thought I'd try to help people out since I've won so much -- I should give back - LUCKY YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So browse around this site and find out exactly how to enter contests efficiently and with success!  Who knows what you might win. Someone has to win - why can't it be you? 

Spread the Word!

I do all of this as a hobby and do not spend hardly any money on it.  So that means NO advertising minus the vistaprint business cards I have on hand usually.  So please help spread the word of my website.... use the tabs below to tweet, facebook or just email someone my website.  The more people I can help, the better.  KARMA!!!

Want to Contact Me?

My name is Sandra and you can always email me at [email protected].  Feel free to ask questions, get help with a contest you won, or even tell me YOUR story.  If you have any suggestions or ways I can improve my site (including getting old/expired links off my site) I would really appreciate it.  I'd love to hear from you.